Verizon Small Cell Antenna Sites

Spreadsheet with list of all Town approved Verizon Small Cell sites and status (PDF)

Verizon's Utility Pole Compliance Analysis (PDF)

Addendum Report of proposed installation at 228 Brookline Street (PDF)

Summary of Donald L. Haes, Jr., CHP, CLSO Qualifications (PDF)

Comparisons of Measured RF Fields versus Predicted RF fields for six (6) different Verizon Wireless Small Cell Personal Wireless Services facilities located on utility poles in Dartmouth, MA (PDF)

SRM-3006-Report_2019-02-28 (Dartmouth installation graphs and technical reports) (PDF)

Petition for 228 Brookline Street (PDF)

Cover Letter (PDF) from McLane Middleton on Behalf of Verizon for 12 Grant of Location Permits
Safety Report (PDF) Donald L. Haes, Jr., Ph.D., CHP April 1, 2017
Affidavit of Radio Frequency Engineer (PDF), Keith Vellante, April 13, 2017
Letter from Needham Board of Health (PDF), June 16, 2016
Letter of Withdrawal of Three GOL Petitions (PDF), June 26, 2017
Supplemental Response (PDF) Donald L. Haes, Jr. Ph.D. CHP June 27, 2017

Petition for SC01 (PDF): 20 Great Plain Terrace
Petition for SC06 (PDF): 609 Webster Street
Petition for SC10 (PDF): 270 Hunnewell Street
Petition for SC03 MA (PDF): 97 Melrose Avenue
Petition for SC04 MA (PDF): 7 Stevens Road
Petition for SC05 MA (PDF): 189 Harris Avenue
Petition for SC07 MA (PDF): 443 Great Plain Avenue
Petition for SC09 MA (PDF): Corner of Dedham Avenue and South Street
Petition for SC16 MA (PDF): 842 Central Avenue
Petition for SC19 MA (PDF): 1250 Great Plain Avenue
Petition for SC21 MA (PDF): 33 Chestnut Place
Petition for WSC03 MA (PDF): 1437 Great Plain Avenue