Field Status

Monday, November 15, 2021:

Field Status

All grass fields are OPEN today.

The park restrooms at DeFazio and Mills have been CLOSED for the season. Porta-potties have been placed at DeFazio and will remain on-site for the next few weeks.

The DPW checks the fields daily, and a message is updated after 3:00PM, weekdays when there is new information. No field may be used if there is standing water, and no unauthorized maintenance work may be done. Field decisions are final and may not be superseded by other officials. On weekends and holidays, decisions are made by League Officials. High school and middle school athletic decisions are made by the DPW and the high school athletic director, and those decisions may differ from the community decisions made later in the afternoon. 

For additional information on field permits, please email Park and Recreation at Contact your league officials for scheduling information.