New Construction

New Construction

Requirements for new construction are listed:

1. Applying for a building permit for new residential construction.

2. If razing an existing structure follow the demo process.

3. If applying while the existing structure is still standing complete the Existing Structure Affidavit (PDF).

4. Follow the demolition of structure process for the razing of a structure.

Other Town Departments to consider:

Removal or trimming of trees along or near a public way

Building Permit Application

5. Verify that your contractor has a current construction supervisor license

6. Verify that your contractor is registered as an home improvement

7. Building Permit Application  All permit applications and attachments must be submitted electronically. We no longer accept paper permits.

8. Workers' Compensation Insurance affidavit (Fillable PDF) - this must be completed by the contractor or the homeowner, whoever is doing the work.

9. Complete Debris Removal Form (PDF)

10. Homeowner Warning Form (PDF) - Shall be carefully read and signed by the homeowner if the homeowner is obtaining the Building Permit. If the homeowner obtains the Building Permit, access is denied to the arbitration program and guaranty fund both of which provide recourse for a homeowner when a contractor does not complete agreed upon work. See MGL c.142A section 1.

11. Plot Plan (PDF) - The boundary line plot plan must be prepared and certified by a Massachusetts Registered Land Surveyor. Requirements on the plot plan are topography, lot lines, set backs, proposed addition and decks or porches, accessory structures, lot size, lot coverage, zoning district and completed on the Town of Needham Form. An As-Built plan will be required before framing can commence. (Available plot plan information used as a reference can be obtained in the Engineering Department). At application provide five (5) original copies of the plot plan.

11. Proof of ownership (quick claim deed).

13. Provide two sets of construction drawings. If there is any engineered material in the design or unique design a stamp from a registered design professional is required. Plans shall be scaled and dimensions need to be provided.

14. If there is a factory built fireplace provide two sets of the owners manual and the MA approval number.

15. Energy Conservation Form (PDF)

16. Energy Compliance can be met three different ways:

1. Prescriptive, all mandatory sections in the IECC

2. Res-Check located at

3. HERS Rating

Residential Required Inspections (PDF)

Before scheduling Final Building Inspection

1. Submit Grades Card Circulation Form (PDF).

2. Submit three (3) copies of the final As-Built accompanied by three (3) Height Record (PDF) and three (3) Survey Record (PDF).

3. Submit final HERS rating (if applicable).

4. Submit door blower test.

5. Submit Duct air leakage test. (if applicable)

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions to understand this process and avoid problems that may slow down the process