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1. When is a Building Permit required?
2. Who can be issued a building permit?
3. How long does it take to obtain a building permit?
4. How long are permits good for?
5. Are permit applications on the Towns Website?
6. What do I need to file an application for a building permit?
7. Do I need a Plot Plan as part of my building application?
8. What do I need to obtain a plumbing, gas or wiring permits?
9. When do I need to obtain a Sheet Metal Permit?
10. Do I need the property owner's signature on the building application?
11. How many days notice is needed to plan for inspections?
12. Does the Fire Department review the plans?
13. Do I need separate approval from the Fire Department to complete my building permit?
14. When does the Fire department inspect the project?
15. During the reconstruction of my house, do I need to replace existing smoke detectors in rooms or areas of my house that are not under reconstruction?
16. When is a Wetland Permit required?
17. Is there a list of licensed asbestos removers?
18. In addition to a rodent inspection, what other inspections must be conducted prior to a Demolition Permit being issued?
19. How long is the rodent inspection good for?
20. Why do I need to hire a licensed asbestos inspector?
21. What is a Surety Bond and when do I need one?
22. Is there a fine for not properly disposing of mercury devices?
23. Is the Street Occupancy Permit needed to obtain a Building Permit?
24. Who do I contact at utility companies to cut and cap utilities for a Demolition Permit?
25. If my builder is not familiar with Needham, what requirements are unique to Needham that I should highlight?
26. Are there things that I should be aware of that can help during the building permit application process?
27. Are there any restrictions on working hours?