Off Leash Dog Recreational Area

Town of Needham Off-Leash Dog Recreational Area


End of Pine Street (off Central Avenue) next to Needham Community Farm.


Only dogs with up-to-date Needham dog license.

Rules for the Town of Needham Off Leash Dog Area & Needham General By-Laws Section 3.7 Dog Regulations (PDF)

Trifold Flyer about the Off-Leash Dog Recreational Area (PDF)

How to submit a comment, complaint or issue about the Off Leash Dog Area.

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1. Take it slowly. Consider coming to the dog park with your dog and staying outside the fence the first time. Let your dog get used to the idea that this is a place to come play with other dogs. If they are pulling to get in there, then consider giving it a try. If their tail is between their legs, just watch this time.

2. Take it slowly. Don't allow you or your dog to have a negative first visit. When your dog first comes through the gate, there may well be a bunch of dogs that want to come over and say hello. This can be intimidating for your dog. Stay close to them and put yourself between the other dogs and your dog if you can.

3. Watch your dog. If their tail is between the legs, they are uncomfortable. If they are getting chased by more than one dog and keep looking back over their shoulders, they are uncomfortable. If they are getting rolled multiple times by a chasing dog or dogs, and can't seem to turn the tables, they are uncomfortable. Go get them and remove them from the situation until they are ready to try again. Take them out of the park for a few minutes if they need it. Stay close to them so they know you are with them.

4. Watch your dog's body language. If they are showing signs of being over stimulated or aggressive in any way, remove them from the situation. Most fights can be avoided.

5. Watch your dog. If your dog goes to the bathroom, it is your responsibility to clean it up.

6. Watch your dog. Don't assume that everyone else is watching their dogs.

It is fun to chat with your friends and neighbors but your first job is to make sure your dog is enjoying their experience at the dog park.

This is a learning experience for your dog but once they get it, they will love coming to play with their friends.