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Resiliency Project

In challenging circumstances filled with fear and uncertainty, people time and time again have displayed their strength and resilience in creative ways to spread joy and hope to those around them. Flags are flown with pride to show our connections to larger groups be it countries, states, or towns. Now more than ever we need flags displayed to promote solidarity with our neighbors and every individual facing the hardships COVID-19 has placed on all of us. The Needham Youth & Family Services Division is encouraging everyone to make and display their own flags to show their resiliency. 

Here’s a video and the flag template of what the Needham Youth & Family Services Team has created:

A message from our Youth & Family Services Team:

COVID 19 has greatly impacted all of us as we cope with the new “normal” of social distancing and living in fear. Some people are feeling isolated and have lost their support systems, others are struggling with increased stress, depression and suicidal thoughts, people are adjusting to being unemployed, working from home or working out of the home and being in constant fear of contracting the virus. This can be a particularly difficult time for people struggling with substance abuse or who are in unsupportive relationships as contact outside of the home is limited.

There are a number of things you can do to cope with these stressors. Some of these include:

  • Focus on reliable information and take time to unplug. The constant focus on the pandemic is not healthy and can increase these symptoms of mental illness.
  • Take time to connect to loved ones and your support systems via phone/videos. There are also a number of online support groups (Please see our resource list)
  • Understand and focus on what you can control and taking steps to ensure your safety by practicing social distancing and hygiene recommendations.
  • If possible, take time for self-care. Read a book, take a bath, go for a run or engage in mindfulness or meditation.
  • Engage in positive community efforts such as chalking your walk, putting up holiday lights or hanging a teddy bear in the window.

Youth & Family Services knows that this is a particularly difficult time for people and that despite these efforts, people may need extra support. We have put together a resources list for everyone to access needed services. In addition, we are here to help and can help talk through struggles you may be experiencing.

Please reach out to us at 781-898-5132 if you are feeling like you need additional supports. We have clinical staff available to talk and help guide you through this. Remember, you are not alone. Needham is a strong community and we will get through this together.


You will find a list of helpful resources here . While our office is currently closed at this, we are available by phone and email if you need assistance. 

Sara Shine, Director, LICSW:  - 781-898-5132

Carolyn Tracey, LMHC: -  781-707-8018

Katy Colthart, LICSW: -781-234-8362

Self Care Matters Campaign  

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