Scenic Way

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In accordance with Chapter 40, Section 15C of the Massachusetts General Laws (Scenic Roads Act), the following roads have been designated as Scenic Roads in Needham and require special permission for any work that impacts them:

Charles River Street – 1982 Annual Town Meeting

South Street – 1982 Annual Town Meeting

Central Avenue between Nehoiden Street and Marked Tree Road – Special Town Meeting 1989

Designation as a Scenic Road allows the Town to preserve the qualities and character of the town way. Any repair, maintenance, reconstruction, or paving work performed with respect to a Scenic Road shall not involve or include the cutting or removal of trees, or the tearing down or destruction of stone walls, or portion thereto, except with the prior written consent of the Planning Board after a public hearing duly advertised. The removal of a public shade tree within a scenic road requires a permit from the Tree Warden under the Public Shade Tree Act. (See "Scenic Roads Act and Public Shade Tree Law" and "Public Shade Tree Law".) In granting or refusing such consent under the Scenic Roads Act the Planning Board shall consider, among other things, the public safety, scenic views, preservation of historic and regional characteristics, and the preservation and enhancement of natural and aesthetic qualities of the environment.

The Planning Board has adopted the following regulations and application procedures for carrying out the provisions of the Scenic Roads Act: