Town Manager Responsibilities

Responsibilities & Services

  • Reviewing and recommending the reorganization, consolidation, or abolishment of departments.
  • Rental and use of all town property, except school property, and maintenance and repair of all town buildings, including school buildings and grounds.
  • Serving as purchasing agent for the town, awarding all contracts for all departments and activities of the town with the exception of the school department.
  • Adopting rules and regulations establishing a personnel system, including a classification and compensation plan, in cooperation with the Personnel Board.
  • Fixing the compensation of all town employees except those under the jurisdiction of the school committee.
  • Negotiating and administering all collective bargaining agreements with employee organizations representing town employees other than employees of the school department, pertaining to wages and other terms and conditions of employment, and participating in the deliberations of the school committee in collective bargaining with employee organizations representing school department employees, as provided in M.G.L. c. 150E.
  • Keeping full and complete records of the office of town manager and rendering as often as may be required by the Select Board a full report of all operations during the period reported on. Keeping the Select Board fully advised as to the needs of the town, and recommending to the Select Board for adoption such measures requiring action by them or by the town as may be deemed necessary or expedient.
  • Implementing town meeting votes and reporting annually in writing to the town meeting on the status of prior town meeting votes on which implementation is not complete. Administering, either directly or through a designee all provisions of general and special laws applicable to the town, and by-laws and votes of the town, and all rules and regulations made by the Select Board.
  • Reporting to the Select Board and the Finance Committee as to the financial condition of the town.
  • Providing advice and assistance to boards and committees of the town.
  • Serving as chief fiscal officer of the town, preparing and recommending a Proposed Annual Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.