Administration Division

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Administration Division provides budgetary, administrative, personnel, invoice processing, and customer service support for all divisions within Public Works.

The Division is responsible for the following:

  • Provides administrative oversight and coordination within the department for compliance with Town and State policies and procedures
  • Administers state and federal reimbursement requests
  • Compiles and monitors DPW’s operating, capital, and enterprise budgets
  • Generates water and sewer invoices
  • Processes RTS billing
  • Administers water and sewer abatements
  • Provides customer assistance for all Public Works divisions
  • Responds to customer inquiries regarding water and sewer rates and billings
  • Gathers data and provides analysis and reports for the Department
  • Oversees the Public Works public bidding process
  • Provides personnel oversight for the Department
  • Receives, deposits, and accounts for payments from the sale of maps, street occupancy permits, and other items
  • Provides information relating to rules, regulations, services, billing procedures, complaints, and general operating procedures for the Department