What determines the price of the bags?
Approximately $1.34 of the price of the 30 gallon bag is to help cover a portion of the Town’s costs of disposing of the solid waste. The bags themselves cost approximately $.16 each, for a total of $1.50 each.

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1. What is Needham’s Pay-Per-Throw program?
2. Do recyclables or yard waste go in the Pay-Per-Throw bags?
3. Do retailers make a profit on the sale of the Pay-Per-Throw bags?
4. How much do Pay-Per-Throw bags cost?
5. What determines the price of the bags?
6. Can I reuse Pay-Per-Throw bags?
7. How do I dispose of items which will not fit into the Pay-Per –Throw bags?
8. How do I pay for the disposal of a large bulky item?
9. How do I dispose of large volumes of bulky waste such as basement or garage clean-outs?
10. Will I still need to purchase an RTS sticker for my car?
11. Whom should I call if I have additional questions?