Mobility Planning & Coordinating Committee

About the Mobility Planning & Coordination Committee

The Mobility Planning & Coordinating Committee was established by the Select Board in 2023. The group will advise the Select Board in developing and maintaining plans, and recommending policies for the future of mobility-related infrastructure in the Town.  Its functions will complement those of the Transportation Safety Committee. 

The Mobility Planning & Coordinating Committee will:

  1.  Review the Town’s needs for a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and/or individual components thereof (e.g. transit plan, bicycle plan, traffic calming or speed management plan, traffic or transportation safety plan, pedestrian plan, etc.).  Identify and recommend to the Select Board specific CTP elements to be developed. •
  2. Advise and coordinate with Town staff on the development of CTP or CTP elements advanced by the Select Board, including purpose, scope, contents of plan elements, and the appropriateness of engaging outside sources (consultants). 
  3. Provide oversight of transportation policies and annual transportation plans as long term plan steps are identified and funded. 
  4. Review and comment to the Select Board on newly developed CTP elements or changes to established elements, especially as they result to policy (as opposed to specific projects). 
  5. Review and advise on the addition or deletion of specific projects from CTP elements, as may periodically be requested by the Select Board, the TSC and/or the Rail Trail Advisory Committee. 
  6. Participate in the semi-annual meetings of the Transportation committees (Mobility Planning & Coordination Committee, Transportation Safety Committee, and Rail Trail Advisory Committee).  The purpose of the joint meetings is to align activities, projects, and planning initiatives to facilitate public awareness of current and planned Public Works projects. These meetings shall constitute a regular committee meeting for each committee.  The semi-annual meetings will occur in September and February of each year.   
  7. Advise and coordinate with Town staff and the other transportation committees on the prioritization of mobility-related capital infrastructural improvements, including anticipated funding sources for same. 
  8. Review and comment to the Select Board on the particulars of transportation mitigation measures regularly considered by the Planning Board with respect to new developments, especially regarding conformance with transportation plan elements. 
  9. In collaboration with the Select Board, identify and/or respond to opportunities for coordinating mobility infrastructure plans and improvements and expansion of transit networks with neighboring municipalities. 
  10. The Committee will meet at least semi-annually at the joint meetings, and more often as needed. 
  11. The Committee will elect a chair who shall rotate at least biannually.

Agendas, Agenda Packets, Minutes


The Mobility Planning & Coordinating Committee consists of seven residents who are voting members, as well as two non-voting, ex-officio Town staff members. Members are appointed by the Select Board to three year terms.

Seat/Appointing Body
Year Appointed
Term Expiration
Moe HandelRepresentative or Alternate Representative to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)
Duncan AllenCurrent Town Representative to the MBTA Advisory Council 

Current Town Representative to the Boston MPO Regional Transportation Advisory Council 

Justin McCullenRepresentative from the Traffic Safety Committee

 Representative from the Rail Trail Advisory Committee 

Timothy BulgerAt Large20232026
Paul MoltaAt Large20232026
Alex CleeDirector of Planning and Community Development or designee, non-voting, ex-officio20232026
Carys LustigDirector of Public Works or designee, non-voting, ex-officio