Volunteer Opportunities

Permanent Public Building Committee

The Town of Needham is seeking qualified candidates to fill a vacancy on the Permanent Public Building Committee.   The Committee is responsible for the construction, alteration and enlargement of town and school buildings.  This vacancy is for the member architect.  Interested individuals should have an architectural background and familiarity with large scale construction projects.  Town of Needham Bylaw states that members of the Permanent Public Building Committee shall be a registered voter of the Town, shall not be a paid employee of the Town, or serve as an elected official, or appointed or elected member of another standing Town board, committee or commission, except Town Meeting.  Letters of interest and resumes should be sent to selectboard@needhamma.gov or mailed to:  Office of the Town Manager, Town Hall, 1471 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA.


The Needham Commission on Disabilities consists of nine volunteer members appointed by the Select Board to address the needs and concerns of residents with disabilities. Monthly meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. (excluding July, August and December) at the Needham Public Library Community Room.  The general purpose of the Commission is to:  (a) advise municipal officials, public and private agencies, and other individuals in order to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local disability laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.); (b) promote full integration of persons with disabilities into the community; (c) provide information, referrals, and technical assistance to individuals, businesses, and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability issues; and (d) participate in a variety of forums and media events to develop public awareness of persons with disabilities and encourage compliance with the A.D.A.  The Commission on Disabilities also provides grants to community based organizations to make it possible for persons with disabilities to participate more fully in programs and activities within Needham.

The majority of members for this Commission should be filled by people with disabilities.  The successful candidate may want to participate in a one day training offered by the MA Office on Disabilities to learn how to evaluate accessibility in buildings and parking lots for ADA compliance.


The Council on Aging is the Town’s general advisory board for matters affecting elders, and works directly with department staff and other town agencies on a wide range of programs and issues.   The responsibilities of this Board include (1) To assist in identifying the needs and concerns and strengths of Needham’s elderly and retired persons and those approaching retirement age; (2) To assist in designing, promoting, coordinating or implementing services and programs to meet those needs and concerns; (3) To assist in informing the community and enlisting the support and participation of all citizens in this effort; and (4) To work in coordination with programs of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Ideally candidates would have a connection to the Veteran community.  Committee meetings are at least monthly from September through June, and more often as necessary.  Membership terms are for three years.


The Golf Course Advisory Committee acts as liaison between the Needham Golf Club and the Board of Selectmen.  The Committee monitors Golf Club operations to ensure that the Club is operated in accordance with the terms of the lease with the Town.  The Committee also provides a forum for residents to obtain information about the operation of the Club and to resolve any disputes with the Club.   The Committee meets prior to the beginning of the golf season and at the end of the season, and may schedule additional meetings as needed.


The role of the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) is to evaluate and make recommendations to the Select Board about public education, enforcement, and improvement of the safety of  the public ways in  Needham for vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycling traffic.  The goal is to provide for the safety of pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists.  

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the review of existing policies and procedures to ensure effective communication, coordination, and continuation of sound traffic and transportation programs; the recommendation of new approaches that will correct or ameliorate existing problems; the monitoring of the effectiveness of changes or modifications, and share evaluations with the Select Board; to provide a forum for citizen groups and individuals to seek input on pedestrian, motoring, or bicycling traffic issues; and the recommendation to the Select Board proposals for implementing significant changes to existing programs needing policy, procedural, and/or budgetary action.

The Traffic Management Advisory Committee is comprised of the Town Manager or designee; Police Chief or designee; Town Engineer; and six (6) residents, with at least one possessing familiarity with traffic engineering whenever practical or feasible.  

This committee meets monthly to hear from town staff and residents, and reviews and makes recommendations regarding both neighborhood and townwide traffic issues.

Applications, or any questions or requests for information, may be submitted to:

Click HERE to access the Committee Interest Form, or send a letter of interest via email to:  selectboard@needhamma.gov or by regular mail to:  Needham Select Board, Attn: Kristin Scoble, Needham Town Hall, 1471 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02492 Tel: 781-455-7500