Single Parcel Historic District Study Committee

About the Single Parcel Historic District Study Committee 

The Select Board established the Single Parcel Historic District Study Committee in 2023 to conduct an investigation of the desirability of establishing a local historic district, develop a report to present its findings and recommendations, and conduct a public hearing on the proposal prior to its consideration by Town Meeting.

 Single Parcel Historic District Study Committee will:

  1. Investigate historic resources in the proposed district
  2. Evaluate maps of the proposed district
  3. Determine the appropriate boundaries of the proposed district, including review of Historic District boundaries, intrusions, and open space and vacant lots 
  4. Determine property addresses for inclusion in the proposed district
  5. Gauge public opinion and build support for the proposed district
  6. Prepare an initial report
  7. Submit initial report to the Massachusetts Historical Commission 
  8. Hold a public hearing
  9. Prepare a final report
  10. Prepare a warrant article for Town Meeting

Agendas, Agenda Packets, Minutes

On September 14th, the Committee adopted it's Preliminary Study Report.


The Single Parcel Historic District Study Committee consists of seven residents appointed by the Select Board to an indefinite term.

Year Appointed
Term Expiration
Appointment Type
Adam Block2023
Recommended by Planning Board
Robert Dermody2023
Nominated by American Institute of Architects
Alison Borrelli2023
Nominated by Board of Realtors
Gloria Greis20236/30/2026Needham History Center Member
Leah Wolkovich-Quartey2023
Historic Commission Member
Moe Handel2023
Resident of Proposed Historic District
Kimberly McCollum2023
Resident at Large