Transportation Planning and Review Committee

Type:Ad Hoc
Legal Reference:Select Board Goal
Appointing Authority:Select Board
Number of Voting Members:Nine (9)
Term of Appointment:Six (6) Months
Special Municipal Employee:Yes
Staff Support:Town Manager/Designee, Director of Public Works/Designee, Director of Planning & Community Development/Designee

*** Committee Membership Currently in Formation ***

Year Appointed
Term Expiration 

Composition: Nine (9) voting members:

  • Two (2) current Select Board Members*
  • One (1) current member of the Transportation Committee
  • One (1) current member of the Rail Trail Advisory Committee
  • One (1) current member of the Traffic Management Advisory Committee
  • One (1) representative appointed by the Planning Board
  • The Town’s Designated Representative to the MBTA Advisory Board
  • The Town’s Designated Representative to the Regional Transportation Advisory Council
  • The Town Moderator or Designated Representative

The Transportation Planning & Review Committee (TPRC) shall guide the Town evaluating the existing structure in place for transportation planning and make recommendations to the Select Board.

Charge: The TPRC shall:

  1. Review the Town’s existing committee structure including the Transportation Committee, Traffic Management Advisory Committee, and Rail Trail Advisory Committee, and identify areas of need not presently covered like Complete Streets.
  2. Recommend for adoption to the Select Board and/or Town Meeting a new committee structure, if appropriate.
  3. If a new committee structure is recommended, the TPRC will recommend a charge and composition for any structure that is proposed.


Charge Adopted: [DATE] Charge Revised: 

SME Status Voted: TBD

*Per M.G.L. Ch. 268A Sec. 1(n), the Select Board Members serving on TPRC cannot claim SME status, even though the TPRC Committee, as an entity, is designated as such.

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