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It is the policy of this Department that all report requests are subject to a review prior to any record being released and in most cases records are not immediately available.
It is our goal to provide the public with access to information legally defined as public while maintaining the confidentiality of information exempted by law. We will review the record requested for exemptions to the Massachusetts Public Records Law and redact or withhold records accordingly. We will provide a detailed, written, good faith estimate for the cost of complying with a public record request, when the fee is expected to exceed ten ($10.00) dollars.
Unless specifically addressed by statute we will charge the following fees:
• $0.20 per page for photocopies
• $0.50 per page for computer printouts.
• $5.00 for a DVD or CD
• $0.50 per photographic printout
In addition to the above fees we also will assess a fee for the time spent searching, redacting, photocopying, processing and re-filing a record. The rate per hour for this process is that of the lowest paid employee who is capable of performing the task. A minimum charge of 15 minutes will apply to all requests.
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