Information Technology

The Information Technology Center (ITC) as defined in General By-Laws 2.2.6 maintains and supports technology hardware, software, services and systems to all Town Offices and Departments including Public Safety. The ITC also supports and maintains accessibility of the Town's Financial Applications to Needham's Public Schools. The ITC is the centralized location, insofar as practical as well as subject to statutory provisions to the contrary, for all technology services, systems, and request from the approximately 350 users within the Town excluding Schools. The Needham Free Public Library is supported through the Minuteman Library Network and an Archivist/Technology Support staff member not part of the ITC. Other Town Departments have no staff specifically committed to supporting the full technology needs of a department or building. All Public Safety, which includes Needham Fire and Needham Police, hardware, software, network, and security is supported by the ITC and specifically through the Network Manager. The ITC is also responsible for ensuring the connectivity of the fiber network between municipal facilities.

Information Technology Center directly supports the following Departments:
  • Accounting
  • Aging Services
  • Assessing
  • Building Inspector
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Conservation
  • Finance Director
  • Fire Department
  • Human Resources
  • Park & Recreation
  • Parking Clerk
  • Planning & Community Development 
  • Police Department
  • Public Health
  • Public Works Administration
  • Public Works Engineering Division
  • Public Works Fleet Maintenance
  • Public Works Highway Division
  • Public Works Parks & Forestry Division 
  • Public Works Recycling & Transfer Division
  • Public Works Water, Sewer, Drains Division
  • Purchasing
  • Retirement
  • Tax Collector
  • Town Clerk
  • Town Manager
  • Treasurer's Office
  • Veterans' Services
  • Youth Services

The Information Technology Center is currently a staff of 6 with each world.jpgindividual responsible for one or more programs. Programs include; Administration and Finance, User Services and Desktop Support, Network Services, Information Systems for Town Departments, Public Safety, Database Services, Enterprise Support Applications, Voice and Office Services. Goals focus on maintaining a stable, up to date network and end-user environment that enables and enhances user productivity.