Climate Action Plan Committee

Climate Action Plan Committee

Type:Ad Hoc
Legal Reference:Select Board Goals
Appointing Authority:Select Board
Number of Voting Members:Nine (9)
Term of Appointment:Two (2) years
Special Municipal Employee:Yes
Staff Support:Town Manager/Designee, Director of Public Works/Designee

*** Committee Membership Currently in Formation ***

Year Appointed
Term Expiration
Marianne Cooley
Kevin Keane
Artie Crocker
Natasha Espada 
Rachel Bright
Paul Dellaripa
Stephen Frail

Joe Higgins
Nick Hill

Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC) shall guide the Town in developing a plan that meets or exceeds the State’s climate mitigation and resilience goals.  The Committee will make recommendations to the Select Board on approval of a Climate Action Plan (CAP), and may be asked to continue to serve as an advisory committee to oversee the implementation of the CAP. 

Charge: The CAPC shall:

  1. Review the Town’s climate-related data (GHG inventory, energy consumption, vulnerability assessments, hazard mitigation plans, etc.). 
  2. Seek guidance and establish a program to create a GHG inventory for the entire Town of Needham including pass through traffic, residential, commercial, and municipal. 
  3. Recommend for adoption to the Select Board long-term climate action goals that focus on reducing greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions and building resilience within and across the Town’s residential, commercial, and municipal sectors, including roadmaps of steps to achieve goals.
  4. Recommend for adoption to the Select Board target dates, benchmarks and/or annual/interannual climate mitigation goals to achieve climate action goals.  
  5. Plan and prioritize cross-sector efforts to reduce Town’s GHG emissions and build climate resilience. 
  6. Recommend to the Select Board programs and policies to implement GHG reduction goals and climate resilience planning in such areas as, but not limited to: 
    1. Energy, including reduction, source, and generation; 
    2. Built environment including permitting, zoning, siting and code for new construction and renovations for municipal, school, commercial, industrial, and residential structures;
    3. Transportation systems; 
    4. Land use; 
    5. Water, Sewer & Stormwater;
    6. Waste management; 
    7. Infrastructure; and
    8.  Open space, agriculture and forestry.
  7. Develop a Climate Action Plan for the Select Board’s review and approval that includes: 
    1. Definition of the climate action goals for each decade through 2050, with a focus on the next decade;
    2. Strategic options and incentives that seek to overcome barriers to implementation of climate action goals; 
    3. Recommendations for any structural changes, resource, or staffing recommendations that would assist in implementation; 
    4. Actions to protect environmental justice communities from disproportionate effects of climate change; 
    5. Recommendations for implementing the plan across all sectors of the Town;  
    6.  Measures that assist in tracking and reporting Town’s progress towards fulfilling climate action goals; and
    7.  Funding opportunities the Town should consider. 

Reports: The CAPC shall report at least semi-annually to the Select Board on the following:

  • Progress towards climate action goals; 
  • Measures taken to reduce emissions and build resilience;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and implementation of these measures; 
  • Funding needed to enable initiatives recommended by the CAPC; and 
  • Community education and engagement. 

Charge Adopted: September 28, 2021 Charge Revised: 

SME Status Voted: 

*  Per M.G.L. Ch. 268A Sec. 1(n), the Select Board Members serving on CAPC cannot claim SME status, even though the CAPC, as an entity, is designated as such.

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