Communications and Media Relations

Media inquiries should be directed to:

Amy Haelsen
Director of Communications and Community Engagement
(781) 455-7500 x 255 

Press Releases

Social Media

Town of Needham

Town of Needham Facebook: TownofNeedham 

Town of Needham Twitter: @TownofNeedham 

Town of Needham YouTube: /townofneedhamma 

Town of Needham Instagram: TownofNeedhamMA 

Fire Department

Fire Department Twitter: @NeedhamFire 

Fire Department YouTube: Chief Condon 

Information Technology

Information Technology YouTube: Information Technology Center

Needham Free Public Library

Public Library Facebook: NeedhamFreePublicLibrary 

Public Library YouTube: NFPL YouTube

Public Library Instagram: NFPL Instagram

Public Works

Public Works Facebook: NeedhamDPW 

Public Works Twitter: @NeedhamDPW 

Public Works YouTube: Needham DPW 

Park & Recreation

Park & Recreation Facebook: NeedhamRecreation

Rosemary Pool Facebook: RosemaryPool 

Park & Recreation Twitter: @NeedhamPandR 

Park & Recreation YouTube: Needham Park and Recreation 

Park and Recreation Instagram: Needham Park and Recreation 

Police Department

Police Department Facebook: NeedhamPolice 

Police Department Twitter: @NeedhamPolice 

Police Department Instagram: Needham_Police 

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services Facebook: NeedhamPublicHealth 

Health and Human Services Twitter: @Needham Health 

Needham Council on Aging

Council on Aging Facebook: NeedhamCouncilOnAging 

Council on Aging Twitter: @Needham_Cath 

Council on Aging YouTube: Needham Council on Aging 

Youth & Family Services

Youth & Family Services Facebook: NeedhamYouthServices 

Youth & Family Services Twitter: @Needham_Youth 

Youth & Family Services YouTube: YouthServicesNeedham