Crisis Support Donation Fund

The Crisis Support Donation Fund was created as a way that individuals and families who are in crisis could be financially assisted.  There are currently two community groups that meet in order to support the greater Needham Community, the Youth Resource Network (YRN) and the Community Crisis Intervention Team (CCIT).  In both meetings, community partners get together to discuss crisis situations that have presented themselves and ways that the community can support the individuals or families. These supports range from mental health services, camp enrollment, YMCA memberships and other specific needs.  Needs have a wide range depending on the situation -  such as bikes to allow children to get to activities or appointments, a new stove to replace a broken one so the family can cook, fixing a broken fence so the yard is contained for the children or supplies for college students who many not be able to afford it.  The purpose of this donation account is to provide some financial support that can be used for families in need and will be presented during a YRN or CCIT meeting.  

These are individual and families who already have high needs based on the current crisis they are in and the hope is that this financial support may help mitigate other stressors.  If you have any questions or concerns about this donation fund please contact Sara Shine, Director of Youth & Family Services at 781-898-5132 or      

Please make checks out to Town of Needham and indicate that is it for Y&FS/Crisis Donation Fund in the memo.  Checks may be dropped off in the locked dropbox outside of Town Hall or can also be mailed to Needham Town Hall, 1471 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02492 or you can donate here.