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Joy Marzolf, naturalist and educator returns with a pre-Halloween program for the whole family, sponsored by the Needham Conservation Commission on 

Thursday, October 6th, 2022, at 7:00pm.

Location: Public Services Administration Building, 500 Dedham Avenue,

Charles River Room


At certain times of year, like Halloween, we often think about some of the many creepy creatures in the animal world, including many that are active at night.  From animals that may look creepy like spiders and bats, to those that just sound creepy, many of these creatures are beneficial and vital to keeping our ecosystems healthy.

Learn about some of the amazing talents of some of our creepy, often misunderstood, animal friends and what you can do to help them help us!

DON’T Miss a visit with some live creepy creatures!!

R.S.V.P  As seats are limited please email: conservation@needhamma.gov with number of children and number of adults attending.


Butterflies, Dragonflies & Damselflies 101

Adult Program Sponsored by the Needham Conservation Department

Sunday, August 28th, 2022


Curious about our local butterflies?  What is the difference between a dragonfly and damselfly? 

Join Joy Marzolf, Naturalist and Educator, for an outdoor nature walk and talk. From the large Eastern tiger swallowtail and colorful monarch to the tiny spring azure, there is a huge range of size, color and patterns in New England butterfly species. What makes a good butterfly habitat? How do you attract more of these beautiful animals? Find out more about our local butterflies and what brings them to our neighborhoods at this adult program. Experience the sights of some of our most beautiful seasonal creatures!  What is the difference between a dragonfly and damselfly? What are they doing in our yards? How do you tell males from females? Learn more about these amazing flyers and how their presence in our neighborhoods can benefit all of us!

Program limited to 20 adults 
 R.S.V.P. Deadline August 25, 2022
Email conservation@needhamma.gov or call 781.455.7550 ext. 248 

Location:  Amity Path at the Needham Accessible Reservoir Trail, 500 Dedham Avenue