Incident Report Involving Marvin Henry

Final Tidwell Investigation Report  

*Note, there have been no additional changes to this final version of the Tidwell report since the March 11, 2021 draft. The Select Board accepted the report, and it is now considered final.

Draft Tidwell Investigation 3-11-21

Draft Tidwell Investigation 3-1-21

Tidwell Report Presentation

Needham Police IA Report 20-03

Needham Police IA Report 20-03 Addendum

Select Board Statement 3-15-21

NPD Statement


In the interest of transparency, the Needham Police Department today released an incident report detailing the facts of an incident involving Mr. Marvin Henry on January 25, 2020. While Henry’s name is included in the report, additional names have been redacted to protect the privacy of witnesses and others involved. The report includes information about the incident as well as the subsequent investigation. The report also includes the witness statements provided to police from the CVS employees who initiated the call that resulted in Mr. Henry being detained before he was released. Mr. Henry was never arrested or charged.

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Incident Reports:  
  Initial Report
  Additional Narrative

Supplemental Narrative

Letter to Needham Police Department on Behalf of Marvin Henry

Press Release, July 24, 2020 (PDF)

Record Request
Marvin Henry Record Request (1-26-20)
Request Response to Henry 1-27-20

Town Hires Natashia Tidwell to Investigate Claims in Henry Case

Tidwell Release