Dog Licenses

All dogs in the Town of Needham must be licensed by April 30 each year. Dog licenses will be available in the Town Clerk's Office beginning in January. The application for a dog license is also included in the annual census mailing to all residents. Current proof of rabies vaccination is required and proof of neutering or spaying is required the first time the dog is licensed in Needham.
On October 8, 2013 the Board of Selectmen voted to increase the dog licensing fees effective January, 2014.  A portion of this increase will be used to offset the maintenance of the proposed Dog Park.

Fee Rates
  • $25 male or female
  • $20 for a neutered male or spayed female
  • $50 for a kennel license of 1 - 4 dogs
  • $75 for a kennel license of 5 - 10 dogs
  • $150 for a kennel license of 10+ dogs

Dogs older than six months must be licensed annually under Massachusetts General Laws 140 and the Town of Needham's General By-Laws Article 4, Section 4.1. Page 28)