Dog License Application

                                                      2024 NEEDHAM DOG LICENSE APPLICATION/RENEWAL FORM                                                                                                                 


Male or Female Intact dog, that is NOT Spayed or Neutered -  $25.00 per dog

Neutered or Spayed -  $20.00 per dog

Kennel Fees: 1-4 dogs -  $50.00    /     5-10 dogs -  $75.00  /  Over 10 Dogs -  $150.00

If you have a kennel license you are now required to contact the Animal Control Officer at: 781-444-7223 or 

 at to make an appointment to come and inspect your residence before a kennel license can be issued.

     You have 3 options to license your dog

1. BY MAIL - Complete this form and mail it along with exact payment, self-addressed stamped envelope, current rabies certificate and a copy of a spayed/neutered certificate to: Town Clerk’s Office / 1471 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02492

2. IN PERSON - License your dog at the Town Clerk’s Office/ 1471 Highland Avenue, Needham. (Cash, Check or Credit Card) 

3. ONLINE - You can go online at

Town of Needham off-Leash Dog Recreational Area (open weather permitting)

Location:   End of Pine Street (off Central Avenue) next to Needham Community Farm.

Who Can Use the Dog Area:   Dogs with up to date Needham Dog License.

For more information, rules, tips and resources visit:

State Law Requires that all dogs 6 months of age or older must be licensed annually by April 30th 

regardless if the dog has been spayed or neutered. After that date the Animal Control Officer will 

issue a fine of $50.00 per dog for Unlicensed Dogs.

 Owners Name: __________________________________                             Phone Number: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________________                             Email Address: ___________________________________


New Dog License                 or        Renewal Dog License  

Dog #1 – Male/Female/Neutered or Spayed: _______________________________

Name of Dog # 1: ______________________________________ Date of Birth Dog #1: _______________________________________

Breed of Dog #1: _______________________________________ Color of Dog #1: ____________________________________________


New Dog License            or              Renewal Dog License   

Dog #2 – Male/Female/Neutered or Spayed: _______________________________

Name of Dog # 2: ______________________________________ Date of Birth Dog #2: ______________________________________

Breed of Dog # 2: _______________________________________ Color of Dog #2: ___________________________________ _______