Needham's Projects

Approved Projects

Community Housing
High Rock Homes$324,500May-06
High Rock Homes$175,000May-07
Housing Consultant$25,000May-09
Charles River Center Energy$25,000May-09
High Rock Homes$370,000May-09
Charles River Center Energy$45,000May-10
Charles River Center Energy$80,000May-11
Housing Authority Feasibility Study$50,000May-11
Charles River Center Group Home$220,000Nov-12
Community Housing Specialist$70,000May-13
Community Housing Specialist$60,000May-16
Modernization & Redevelopment of Affordable Housing$150,000May-19
Emergency Rental Assistance Program$100,000Oct-20
Housing Authority - Pre-Development of Linden Chambers$1,386,000May-22
Housing Authority - Property Survey$81,978May-22
Housing Authority - Seabeds Cook Preservation$241,052May-23
Total Community Housing Investment$3,403,530

Historic Preservation
Heritage Project$25,000May-06
Town Hall Preservation Study$50,000May-07
Town Hall Preservation Design$1,000,000May-08
Town Hall Preservation$14,029,233May-09
Preservation of Historic Artifacts$57,500May-10
Preservation of Historic Documents$7,500May-11
Historic Artifact Storage/Catalogue$25,000May-12
Heritage Project$25,000May-12
Town Clerk's Vital Records Preservation$30,000May-12
Town Clerk's Vital Records Preservation$52,500May-14
Total Historic Preservation Investment$15,301,733

Open Space Preservation
Trails Plan$47,700May-06
Bridge Preservation in Wetlands$58,000May-06
Fences to Protect Land (P&R)$12,000May-07
Conservation Fund$25,000May-08
Trail Kiosks & Markers$5,500May-08
Conservation Fund$50,000May-09
Purchase of 2 Parcels - Volante$920,000May-09
Restoration or Purchased Open Space$40,000May-10
Rail Trail Feasibility Study$35,000Nov-12
Greene's Field Improvements$445,000Nov-12
Open Space & Recreation Plan$25,000May-13
Design: Reservoir Trail, Ridge Hill Loop$85,000May-13
Design: Mills Field Park Improvements$40,000May-13
Community Farm Soil Improvements$8,200May-13
Rail Trail Insurance$45,000Nov-13
Ridge Hill Boardwalk$213,219May-14
Town Common Redesign$20,000May-14
Ride Hill - Student Conservation Corp$10,000May-15
Construction: Rosemary Lake Sediment Removal$510,000May-18
Design: Town Common Renovation$117,000May-19
Needham Community Farm Growing Bed Expansion$6,200Oct-20
Design: Town Reservoir Sediment Removal$175,000May-21
Community Farm Growing Beds$200,000May-22
Total Open Space Preservation Investment$3,092,819

General/Free Cash
Open Space & Recreation Plan$20,000Nov-05
Easement Research for Trails$25,000May-09
Purchase of Recreation Land$767,500May-10
Design: Newman Athletic Fields/Eastman Conservation$248,000May-13
Newman Preschool Playground Surfacing$60,000May-13
Memorial Park Improvements$35,000May-14
Rosemary Pool Design$450,000May-15
Construction: Newman Athletic Fields$1,527,000May-15
Construction: Eastman Conservation Trails$800,000May-15
Construction: Mills Field Projects$510,000May-15
Design: Dedham Ave Boat Launch$30,000May-15
Construction: Rail Trail$100,000May-15
Construction: Memorial Park Drainage$310,000May-16
Trails - Student Conservation$25,000May-16
Design: Rosemary Lake Sediment Removal$118,000May-16
Design: Rosemary Recreation Complex$550,000May-16
Construction: Rosemary Recreation Complex$12,000,000May-17
Design: Cricket Athletic Fields$35,000May-17
Construction: Trail at New Elementary School$210,000May-17
Construction: Accessible Reservoir Trail$860,000May-17
Construction: Rosemary Lake Sediment Removal$1,890,000May-18
Rosemary Camp Property$50,000May-18
Historic Database Project$25,000May-18
Construction: Memorial Park Building$500,000May-18
Design: Fisher Street Trailhead$15,000May-19
Rosemary Lake Trail Project$200,000May-19
Cricket Field Renovations$480,000May-19
Playground Improvements$350,000May-19
Emergency Rental Assistance Program$20,000Oct-20
First Baptist Church Preservation & Restoration$90,200Oct-20
First Parish Church Steeple Preservation$50,000Oct-20
Design: Claxton Field Lights & Skin Diamond Renovation$101,500Oct-20
Preservation of Town Marriage Records$25,000May-21
Town Common Historic Redesign & Renovation$1,364,000May-21
Construction: Fisher Street Trail Head$15,000May-21
Resurfacing the Synthetic Track at DeFazio Park$166,000May-21
Design: McLeod Field Renovation$48,000May-21
Design: Trail Identification$6,000May-21
Design: Town Reservoir Sediment Removal$262,000May-21
Design: NHS Tennis Courts$50,000May-22
DeFazio Playground Design$35,000May-23
Total General/Free Cash Investment$24,443,200

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