Department of Public Works Feasibility Study


Weston and Sampson, Final Report, October 28, 2016

This study is quite large and has been broken up into different files.

File 1 Contents (PDF) (contains multiple sections) 

Table of Contents


Data Review and Confirmation

Existing Site and Facilities Analysis

Alternative Site Analysis, Concepts and Preferred Alternative

Conceptual Cost Estimate

Appendix A: List of Available Documents

Appendix B: Staff Interview Notes and Staff Survey

Appendix C: Fleet Inventory List and Equipment List

Appendix D: Map of DPW Operation and Storage Locations

Appendix E: Space Needs Summary and Room Data Sheets

Appendix Fax: Space Needs Guidelines Worksheet

File 2 (PDF): Appendix G: Existing Site and Facilities Analysis

File 3 (PDF): Appendix H: Site Constraints and Opportunities

File 4 (PDF): Appendix I: Alternative Concepts

File 5 (PDF): Appendix J: Preferred Alternative and Renderings

File 6 (PDF): Appendix K: Conceptual Cost Estimate

File 7 (PDF): Appendix L: Board of Selectmen Presentation, September 20, 2016