May 2013 Annual Town Meeting

The May Annual Town Meeting will take place on Monday, May 6, 2013 in Powers Hall Auditorium located within Needham Town Hall, 1471 Highland Avenue, Needham at 7:30 pm.

2013 Annual Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)

Article Information: Article 7: Appropriate for Warner Field Renovation

Photographs of Warner Field (PDF)

Article 18: Amend Zoning By-Law - Interim Regulations for Medical Marijuana Uses

Link to Mass Department of Public Health Regulations (PDF)

Article 28: Withdraw Article (PDF)

Article 39: Appropriate for General Fund Cash Capital

Police/Fire Station Gas Tank Removal - pictures (PDF)

Article 40: Appropriate for Pollard Boiler Replacement

Presentation to BOS by PPBC 4.23.2013 (PDF)

Article 42: Appropriate for Department of Public Works (DPW) Complex Renovations

Presentation to BOS by PPBC 4.23.2013 (PDF)

Pictorial Presentation of DPW Complex Project to Date (PDF)

Article 47: Appropriate for St. Mary's Pump Station

Presentation to BOS by PPBC 4.23.2013 (PDF)