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January Events Include: 

  • Winter Reading Challenge 
  • Storytime Preschool Palooza 
  • Sing-Along with our musicians Ed and Stacey Peasley!
  • Individual Reading  Sessions with Tucker the Therapy Dog 
  • Yoga for Kids 
  • Little Labcoats Rainforests    
  • Winter Craft Bags
  • Watch Nappy's Puppets Jack and the Beanstalk Show Click Here
  • Dance Me a Story with Joanne Langione Dance Center

Curbside Pick-Ups

Call us at 781 455-7559 x 204 to place a pick-up request for:

  • Book Bundles grouped by topic, check the topic list here
  • Audiobooks, read-along Wonderbooks & Playaways
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Picture, easy readers, fiction, biographies, & non-fiction books
  • Puzzles