Donations to DVAC

Help Stop a Public Health Epidemic

Increasingly over the past decade, violence in the United States has been characterized as a public health epidemic. Exposure to violence can have significant effects on children during their development and as they form their own intimate relationships in childhood and adulthood.

Many people assume that very young children are not affected at all, erroneously believing that they are too young to know or remember what happened. However, studies indicate that there are links between exposure to violence and negative behaviors in children across all age ranges. They are often silent victims.

The Needham Domestic Violence Action Committee is dedicated to helping survivors since 1994. Although we are in a time of financial uncertainty, we hope that you will be able to make a charitable donation to help the survivors of domestic violence and give them a voice that has been silenced for too long.


Please send donations to:
Needham Domestic Violence Action Committee
c/o Needham Health Department
1471 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA 02492