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Updated September 22, 2023



Location IconLocation:       In-Person and Online

      In Person IconIn-Person:    Public Services Administration Building (PSAB)

Charles River Room

500 Dedham Avenue

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Date IconDate:              Wednesday, September 27th

Time IconTime:               4:00 – 5:00 PM


Additional Information:  International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

MA Stretch Energy Code (Stretch Code) Regulations


The Town’s Building Commissioner, Joe Prondak and Deputy Town Manager, Katie King will provide an overview of the new code and how it will impact new construction in Needham. The code will be voted on at the October 30th Town Meeting and, if adopted, will take effect July 1, 2024. There will also be time for a question-and-answer period following the presentation.

Please visit the Opt-in Specialized Energy Code page for ongoing updates and information.


ALL Permit Applications are submitted on-line through VPC.

To apply for a Permit click here: 

Building Permit Applications and attachments must be submitted electronically via   We do not accept paper permits.  If you need to amend an active permit, simply submit a new Permit Application.

Our CURRENT Plot Plan can be found below.  If you don't use our Current Plot Plan, your application will be delayed while we wait for you to get a corrected one.

Payment  may be made by check (payable to Town of Needham), e-check, credit card or cash.  Please reference both the Permit # and Permit Property Address.  You may drop it off in the drop box at 500 Dedham Avenue; USMail to 500 Dedham Ave., Needham, MA 02492; pay by e-check or pay by credit card (2.95% Processing Fee).  Payment by credit card is generally posted within two to three business days.  Please click here for on-line payments.

Inspections  are performed daily and the permit contractor must be present at all inspections.  Inspections are not performed and work cannot begin until a Permit has been paid in full.  Contact us at 781-455-7550, Ext. 537, to schedule 2+ days in advance.  Do not leave a phone message to schedule an Inspection, you must speak with an Associate.  For details of Inspections being performed on the next business day, please click on "Inspection Schedule" in the ribbon on the left hand side of this page.  Then click on "Inspection Schedule" to scroll through the Inspection Schedules.

2nd / Irrigation Water Meters  are installed by the Water Department only. Tampering with the Town of Needham's water supply will result in a fine. Apply for a Plumbing Permit today, and once your permit is paid in full, contact Kristen Bent (781-455-7550, Ext. 303) for complete details and scheduling.

Building Permits issued since March 18, 2020 are available on-line.  Log into VPC, click on "Search for Records" in the bottom right hand corner, enter the property address, and then click on "Record Number" of the permit you wish to view.  Or, click on "Building Permits Issued" on the left hand side of this page.  This has been updated to include plot plans and construction plans when possible.

Smoke Detector Inspections.  For Smoke Detector inspections, please click this link Executive Order


The Building Division staff enforces state building, electrical, plumbing, gas, mechanical codes, and sheet metal as well as local zoning by-laws and Architectural Access Board Regulation.


Our staff:

  • Conducts periodic safety inspections of multi-family dwellings, restaurants, schools, religious institutions, museums, and other places of assembly
  • Issues permits
  • Inspects construction sites

Main Phone Number 781-455-7550, Ext. 537

Staff Members

  • Joe Prondak    CBO
    Building Commissioner - Ext. 308
  • Erik J. Tardif
    Assistant Building Commissioner - Ext. 341
  • Bernard Ashley
    Local Building Inspector - Ext. 335
  • Jim Grover
    Local Building Inspector - Ext. 310
  • Larry V. DiBona
    Plumbing & Gas Inspector - Ext. 311
  • Cyril Kavanagh
    Assistant Plumbing & Gas Inspector (PT) - Ext. 214
  • Scott W. Chisholm
    Wiring Inspector - Ext. 312
  • Eric Woods
    Assistant Wiring Inspector (PT) - Ext.333
  • John J. McGourty
    Wiring Inspector - Ext. 312
  • Lyn Heintz
    Administrative Specialist - Ext. 309
  • Rick Rutherford 
    Department Assistant - Ext 332
  • Sheila Whisler
    Department Assistant - Ext. 215

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