Monuments & Plaques

The Town of Needham has memorials and plaques dedicated to those who have served their country located throughout the town. The following lists are the memorials and plaques as well as their locations.

Memorial Park

There are three monuments and one plaque located at Memorial Park. The 13 acre Memorial Park was dedicated to all veterans and is currently used as an Atheletic Field. Memorial Park is located on the corner of Rosemary Street and Highland Avenue.

In 1935, the members of American Legion Post 14 dedicated a monument to the eight World War I veterans, listed below, from Needham killed in action. They are:

  • Raymond Blades
  • Paul E. Libby
  • John F. Booth
  • Ralph Patrick
  • Robert Burrows
  • Frances W. Whitney
  • Michael Guiseppe
  • Fancis T. Yates

In 1999, the Needham veterans dedicated a monument to the veterans of all wars.

Korean War Veterans

On June 25, 2000, the 50th anniversay of the Korean War, the Needham veterans dedicated a monument to the the Korean War Veterans and to the six men from Needham who lost their lives in Korea. Their names, listed below, are inscribed on the monument.

  • Joseph Concannon
  • John A. Colton
  • Frank Karelewicz
  • Roger W. Sherman
  • Robert E. Tisdale
  • Philip C. Farnham

In 1973 a plaque was dedicated to Major Charles Green Jr. and all prisoners of war and those missing in action and on September 24, 1998 a time capsule was installed at the Monument for All Wars to be opened in the year 2048 by then 8 year old Andrew Carey.

Viet-Nam Memorial

A memorial located in the circle on Sunset Road was dedicated in November 1984 to the Needham Viet-Nam Veterans. This circle was originally owned by Anthony E. Cefalo who donated the property to the town to honor the Viet-Nam veterans and the ten men from Needham, in the following list, who lost thier lives in Vietnam:

  • Navy Signalman Robert l. Bouchet, West Street USN died of wounds August 11,1968
  • Lieutenant Michael W.Downey, Great Plain Avenue USMC killed in action July 1,1967
  • Private First Class John David Duncan. 94 Meadowbrook Road US Army killed in action August 19,1969
  • Private First Class Jeffery s. Dyer Medic
  • Lance Corporal Thomas Bernard Flood, USMC killed March 22,1966
  • Private First Class James Howard Heppler Valley Road US Army killed in action August 31,1970
  • Army Sargent James F. Hiltz US Army
  • Private First Class Anthony J. Passerello St Marys St. US Army killed in action November 9,1966
  • Lieutenant Allen Perrault 141 Laurel Dr. killed in action November 9,1966 ( Awarded Silver Star)
  • Army Private First Class Henry Stoddard

American Revolutionary War

A plaque was dedicated, located on the green at Central Avenue and Nehoiden Street, on April 19, 1979 to the five men from Needham who lost their lives, listed below, at Lexington during the American Revolutionary War.

  • John Bacon
  • Nathaniel Chamberlain
  • Amos Mills
  • Elisha Mills
  • Jonathon Parker

American Civil War

A plaque was dedicated, located on the entrance wall to the Town Hall, in 1912 to the 167 men from Needham who enlisted in the American Civil War.

English Airmen

On Tuesday April 12, 2005 Veterans Agent John Logan assisted in dedicating a plaque located on the corner of Charles River Street and Grove Street for two English pilots who crashed their plane at that site in 1944. The pilots were Lieutenant Albery J. Dawson and First Class Stanley C. Wells. Both men were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Everertt, MA.