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The Planning Board is continuing to meet remotely, using Zoom. Applications are being accepted and processed. Please contact the Planning Department for information on this process, or to request to be added to an agenda. 

PRESS RELEASE:  Affordable Housing Study Committee

The Needham Planning Board is establishing a study committee to develop a comprehensive Housing Plan for Needham. The Town has not had an approved Housing Plan in place since 2007, although it has made considerable progress in producing affordable housing since then, adding 894 new affordable units and surpassing the state affordability goal of 10%.   Despite reaching this threshold, the Town recognizes that significant unmet housing needs remain in the community, particularly in the context of unprecedented housing prices and the pandemic.   Consequently, the Town has determined that it should revisit its housing agenda by obtaining updated documentation on the local housing dynamic and preparing a Housing Plan to strategically address identified priority housing needs. Key components of the Plan would include the following: 1) A list of community housing goals that would include the results of a visioning process planned as part of the first community housing workshop; 2) A Housing Needs Assessment that provides documentation on key indicators of need; and 3) A Strategic Action Plan that includes the actions that the Town will pursue to promote greater housing diversity and affordability including the timeline for implementation and responsible entities.  

Accordingly, the Planning Board is seeking applications from persons interested in serving on this new study committee.  Present vacancies on the committee consist of 2 positions to be filled by citizens at large.

Applicants should send a letter of interest and resume to the Needham Planning Board, Public Services Administration Building, 500 Dedham Avenue, Needham, MA 02492 or via email to  Applications should be submitted by Wednesday, September 1, 2021.  For more information, contact Lee Newman, Planning and Community Development Director at 781-455-7550 ext. 270.

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The mission of the Needham Planning Department is to provide technical and administrative support to the Needham Planning Board and various Boards and Commissions to implement the community’s long-term vision for Needham. The Planning Department is responsible for advance planning, development review, public information, and development compliance as permitted and conditioned by the Planning Board.

The Planning Department strives to inform, educate and assist decision-making bodies and the public in all elements of land use planning and permitting. The Department recognizes the diverse and competing interests within the community and the necessity to consider and incorporate these interests within the planning process by encouraging and facilitating participation. The Planning Department acknowledges land use planning as a community-driven process and the continuing need to promote open communication with the community. The Department strives to actively promote community participation, interaction and dialogue throughout the planning and permitting process.