Picture Perfect

Picture PerfectMedia Portrayal

In the daily life of a teen, young people are bombarded with more media images today than ever before. The Internet, television, and magazines are all a part of most teen's day-to-day life. As an effect they are saturated with these media images.

Due the media's influence it is easy for teens to start believing what is portrayed in these images and start feeling differently about themselves without even realizing it.

Picture Perfect Workshop

Picture Perfect is a 45-minute interactive workshop during which eighth graders investigate the issue of how the media portrays gender roles and appearance, and explore how this can negatively impact how they can feel about themselves. View comments from past participants (PDF).

Workshop Goals

The goals of the workshop are to help students:

  • Identify ways to not allow media messages to negatively influence them
  • Investigate how media messages impact them
  • Learn to identify gender role stereotypes
  • See how these stereotypes are portrayed in the media by looking at magazine cutouts
  • Read participant responses to the 2014 program (PDF)

For further information about Picture Perfect, please email Katy Colthart at 781-455-7518, ext. 264.