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Get your application together
  • Verify that your contractor has a current construction supervisor license
  • Verify that your contractor is registered as an home improvement 
  • Building Permit Application (Fillable PDF)The Building permit application must be signed by the homeowner or submit a signed contract by both parties in compliance with MGL 142 A  (HIC program). Complete all sections that apply to your project. We strongly suggest using our fillable document located throughout our site for clarity. 
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance affidavit (Fillable PDF) - this must be completed by the contractor or the homeowner, whoever is doing the work.
  • Homeowner Warning Form - Shall be carefully read and signed by the homeowner if the homeowner is obtaining the Building Permit. If the homeowner obtains the Building Permit, access is denied to the arbitration program and guaranty fund both of which provide recourse for a homeowner when a contractor does not complete agreed upon work. See MGL c.142A section 1.
  • Provide two copies of  detailed drawings where on the roof the panels are being installed.
  • Provide an affidavit from a registered design professional stating the roof can support the additional loads of whatever upgrades to the rough frame that are needed.
  • Provide the two copies of the signage.