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Mobile Food Vendor Permit
This information is a work in progress and may be subject to changes.
                    * * *    Pre-Qualification Period March 2018   * * *
During the month of March, Mobile Food Vendors wishing to do business in the Town of Needham during calendar year 2018 can take advantage of becoming "prequalified" as a Needham Mobile Food Vendor.  This prequalification process is FREE and will allow for a much quicker transition from application process to permit approval.   In 2018, there will be one fee for a Mobile Food Vendor permit that includes fees for the Board of Selectmen, Health Department and Fire Department.

There are three departments involved in the permitting of Mobile Food Vendors:

          1.   Board of Selectmen (administration & final permit)
          2.   Health Department (food plan review & inspection of vehicle)
          3.   Fire Department  (inspection of vehicle)

Mobile Food Vendors invited to serve at a private residence/party are not subject to permitting by the Board of Selectmen, Health Department or Fire Department - at this time.

Step 1:
Read the Board of Selectmen Mobile Food Vendor Policy to learn about the various options for Mobile Food Vendor permits.

     Currently, there are four types of Mobile Food Vendor Permits:
         1.  Public Right of Way (seasonal or one day on authorized public ways);
         2.  School Buildings, Parking Lots and Adjacent Fields (requires invitation by a person or
              organization with a valid permit to use the school parking lot or adjacent play
         3.  Public Parks and Adjacent Parking Lots by Invitation of Permitted Organizations
              (requires invitation by person or organization with a valid permit for use of the park or
              any portion thereof)
         4.  Public Parks and Adjacent Parking Lots by Direct Permit (managed through Office of
              the Town Manager for specific locations, as described on Appendix 4 of the
              Selectmen's Policy). 

Mobile Food Vendors having already secured a Seasonal permit within the current year may also apply for one day special event or Direct Permit.  The fee for permitting the additional days would be limited to the nominal permit fee.  Additional inspections from the Health and Fire Departments would not be needed.

Step 2.
Complete the online application.  Additionally, there are attachments that are required by the Selectmen, Health Department and Fire Department in order to complete the Mobile Food Vendor process.  These attachments can be uploaded at the time of form submission or sent electronically later to , however, we strongly advise you to print out the attachment checklist and prepare them for uploading at the time of your application. For questions, call (781) 455-7500 extension 204.

Step 3.
Contact the Public Health Department to schedule your vehicle inspection, which typically needs two weeks notice to schedule. The Public Health Department will try to schedule your inspection in a timely manner, but be aware that it could take up to 30 days.  Call (781) 455-7500 extension 261 or 262.  Take advantage of the faster inspection turnaround during the month of March, 2018.

Trans Fat Ban:  The Needham Board of Health has a trans fat regulation.  "No food service establishment, vending machine, or mobile food vendor shall store, prepare, distribute, hold for service, or serve any food or beverage containing artificial trans fat in the Town of Needham".  The full text of the regulation can be found here.

Step 4.
Download Fire Prevention Form FP-006 to complete and bring with you for your vehicle's Fire Inspection.  Clearly state the type of fuel, number of tanks and pounds on the form.  Tanks that have not had an inspection within the last 12 months will require a Fire Department Inspection.

Contact the Fire Department for an inspection - this can arranged to be done at the same time as the Health Department Inspection.   Call (781) 455-7580.
Step 5.
Once you have provided all of the required documentation and have had successful Public Health and Fire Department inspections, your final permit will be issued from the Board of Selectmen's office.