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Articles in the Needham Times
From time-to-time the Needham Times will publish articles about recycling and waste reduction in Needham:

Articles Elsewhere

Recycling Videos
Rhode Island Recycling MRF
The State of Rhode Island has a single facility that processes all the recyclable materials for the state. They have put together a very informative video about how recyclable materials are sorted at this facility. While their program collects recyclables "single stream" (containers and paper mixed together) the process is similar to that in other recycling facilities. Watch the 12-minute video.

EL Harvey Construction and Demolition MRF

EL Harvey and Sons of Westborough, MA operates a construction and demolition materials recycling facility (MRF) that separates wood, metal, cardboard, concrete, brick, and other construction materials. Watch this 5-minute video to learn how.

Learn about what, how and why to recycle and how recycled materials are processed in this 4-minute video produced by MassRecycle.

Rosy the Nosy Recycler
A delightful 7 minute video about what can be recycled. Produced by the city of Quincy Click Here

Additional Resources
Waste Characterization
What's In Our Trash?? In 2010 the MassDEP conducted waste characterization studies of the 6 Waste-to-Energy facilities in MA. MassDEP Waste Characterization Study graphs.

Link to MassDEPs “Beyond the Bin” Recycling Directory click here

The City of Newton has put together an excellent list of how to manage materials not collected in their recycling program. See Newton's Recyclopedia.