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November 2010 Special Town Meeting

November 8, 2010 Special Town Meeting Warrant

Enrollment Projections for School Years Beginning in 2010 & Enrollment Projections

Article 1   Home Rule Petition – Taking for Bridge Repair

                 Description of Willow Street Bridge Project
                 Map: Proposed Drain & Utility Easement
                 Map: South Street Bridge Replacement Project

Article 2   Transfer of Property – MBTA Commuter Lots
                 Letter from MBTA 
                 Powerpoint Presentation by Town Manager to Board of Selectmen
                 Map of Heights MBTA Lot
                 Map of Hersey Station Parking Lot

Article 3    Change of Property for Municipal Use  
                  Map of Ridge Hill Cathodic Protection System                    

Article 4    Conveyance of Property for Municipal Use
                  Aerial View of Property

Article 5    Home Rule Petition – Disposal of Conservation Land / Acquisition of

Article 6    Authorize Elder Services Zoning Agreement
                 PILOT Agreement NHP Properties Business Trust
                 PILOT Agreement Continental Wingate Development Company & WHC Needham, Inc. 

Article 7    Amend General By-Law / Regulation of Dogs
                 Proposed By-law Revisions
                 Evaluation & Recommendation Townwide Dog Regulation
                        Office of the Town Manager, 6.8.2010

Article 8    Accept M.G.L. C. 131 of the Acts of 2010 - Surviving Spouses of Disabled

Article 9    Appropriate for Facility Improvements and Repairs / Pollard School
                  A-101 Modular Classroom Improvement Plan
                  Conceptual Parking & Access Plan

Article 10   Appropriate for Pollard School Roof Replacement
                  Statement of Interest submitted to MSBA

Article 11   Appropriate for Senior Center Feasibility & Design
                  Site Feasibility Study, Bargmann, Hendrie & Archetype, September 2, 2010
                  Map of MBTA Heights Lot                   

Article 12   Appropriate for Needham Property Tax Assistance Program

Article 13   Amend the FY 2011 Operating Budget

Article 14   Amend the FY 2011 Sewer Enterprise Fund Budget

Article 15   Amend Community Preservation Fund Reserves

Article 16   Rescind Bond Authorization

Article 17   Appropriate to Capital Improvement Fund

Article 18   Appropriate to Capital Facility Fund

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