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1. How do I find the most recent issue of the library's newsletter?
2. How do I find the Library's Calendar of Events?
3. How do I get a library card?
4. How do I set up my own online library card account?
5. How do I sign up for the Library Newsletter
6. How do I request a library item?
7. How do I reserve a Museum pass? Which passes does the Library own?
8. How do I book a Study Room? What are the requirements?
9. How can I get a magazine article if the library doesn’t subscribe to it?
10. How do I find out what the new DVDs are?
11. How do I book the Community Room?
12. How do I check out materials?
13. What are the fines for overdue or missing items?
14. How Do I Donate Books?
15. How do I use the Overdrive Digital Media Catalog for e-readers?
16. Does the Library have Book Clubs? How do I participate?
17. Where can I find magazines and newspapers?
18. How do I get a magazine that I don't see in the magazine section here in Needham? Is there a way for me to get this magazine?
19. How do I get an assistive hearing device?