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2019 May Annual Town Meeting
May 6, 2019 Annual Town Meeting Warrant

Warrant Article Information: (please note this list will be updated as needed)

Article 11:  Appropriate for Park & Recreation Pool Staffing
Article 13:  Appropriate for Ridge Hill/NIKE Site Consulting & Feasibility Study
                   Ridge Hill/NIKE Site Property Assessment Study 2018
                   Weston & Sampson, October 2018

Articles 24 - 27:  Zoning / Land Use Articles

Article 33:  Appropriate for Rosemary Lake Trail Project

Article 35:  Appropriate for Playground Improvements

Article 49:  Amend General By-Law / Stretch Energy Code

Article 51: Home Rule Petition - Resolution to Call For the United States to "Pull Back From the Brink" and Prevent Nuclear War- An Existential Threat to the Future of Humanity and the Planet   
 Needham Channel News Article: