Public Works


To practice social distancing and help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Town of Needham and Needham Public Health announced today that beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020 all public buildings will be closed. 

The Department of Public Works continues to provide essential services to the residents, however out of an abundance of caution certain services have been put on hold until further notice. 

Please note resident may experience a delay in response time to non-emergency requests, we appreciate your patience during this time. 

Individuals needing assistance or services may call Needham DPW at 781-455-7550 x0, or email us at . Staff will respond to emails and voicemails as soon as possible during normal business hours.

The Recycling and Transfer Station will remain open under its normal business hours unless otherwise noted.

Public Services COVID-19 Update: 3.24.2020

*Please continue to check back for daily updates*


Permits: Applications are now online at

Access to the Public: All buildings are closed to the public and contractors until April 7th. Please call the DPW Admin office at (781)455-7550 x0 and leave a message or email Staff will return your email or phone call with a slight delay due to decreased staffing.

Payments: Pay online or mail.

Report a Concern: See/Click/Fix is continued to be monitored, however response to may be delayed due to reduced staffing.

Claims: Continue to file claims online.

Billing & Processing: Under evaluation for continued service.


Services: Engineering services to the public are on hold. Please email for any additional questions.

Street Permits: Applications can be found online for the 2020 Construction Season. Processing and approval will be delayed until further notice.


Services: Services for Town vehicles continue at a decreased staffing level.


Maintenance of Public Ways: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels and slower response.

Traffic Signals & Signage Maintenance & Repairs: Maintaining full service.

Parking Meter Maintenance: Maintaining full service.

Parks & Forestry:

Tree Planting Program: On hold until further notice.

General Maintenance of Parks and Athletic Fields: On hold until further notice. 

Emergency tree removal: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels.


Trash & Recycling: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels.

Yard Waste: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels.

Re-Use-It Shed: Closed until further notice.

Goodwill: Closed until further notice.

Specialty Recycling: Closed until further notice, this includes scrap metal, refrigerator and air conditioners, tires, propane tanks, computers and TVs.

Water & Sewer:

Meter Replacement Program: Suspended until further notice.

Final Water Meter Reading for Real Estate Transactions: Please request by either calling (781)455-7550 x0 or emailing Final water meter readings will be on a case by case basis.

New Construction Meter Installation: Suspended until further notice.

Second Meter Requests: Suspended until further notice.

Backflow Testing & Cross-Connection Surveying: Suspended until further notice.

Water & Sewer Billing: Under evaluation for continued service.

Water Treatment: Maintaining full service.

Water Distribution: Maintaining full service.

Wastewater Maintenance: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels and slower response.

Wastewater Pumping: Maintaining full service.

Stormwater Maintenance: Maintaining services with decreased staffing levels and slower response.

Water Meter Leaks: Maintaining services with additional precautions. Staff entering premises required to wear face masks and gloves. Please email for more information if concerned.

Building Maintenance:

Building Rentals: No rental of Town and School buildings until further notice.

Buildings: Disinfecting and sanitizing all Town and School buildings.