Park & Recreation Commission


The five members of the Needham Park and Recreation Commission are elected by residents to three-year terms.

  • Christopher J. Gerstel, Chairman
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Cynthia J. Chaston, Vice-Chairman
    Term Expires: 2022
  • Matthew M. Toolan
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Michelle S. Geddes
    Term Expires: 2022
  • Bruce Williams
    Term Expires: 2023


Empowered by Chapter 45 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Park and Recreation Commission:

  • Serves as steward of over 300 acres of parkland, including the Town Forest
  • Administers and schedules all outdoor athletic facilities
  • Oversees Rosemary Pool, a summer aquatics facility
  • Develops long-range plans related to open space and recreation
  • Coordinates and provides support services to many community organizations
  • Provides youth leadership training and volunteer resource development