Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pool membership cost?
See fee chart.

When can I purchase a pool membership?
You may purchase a pool membership online and at the Park and Recreation office starting Wednesday, November 28. 

What do I do if I just need to renew my pool membership?
You don't need to do anything. If you have purchased a pool membership for the Summer of 2018 and chose to carry it over to the Summer 2019 season then your membership is still valid.

What do I do if I lost my pool membership badge?
Please email Parks and Recreation with the name of the person that the membership belongs to and/or the names associated with a family badge and we will issue you a new badge as soon as possible. When this happens your old badge will be invalid and must be destroyed if found.

When does the Early Bird period start and end?
The Early Bird pricing period begins Wednesday November 28, 2018 and will end Friday April 12, 2019. 

When does the regular season start and end?
The regular season pricing begins Saturday April 13, 2019 and will continue until the end of season.

Does my babysitter/nanny need to purchase a membership? Can I include my babysitter/nanny on my family membership?
In order to enter the facility, a nanny or babysitter must have their own pass purchase a daily admission pass.

What is the Park and Recreation refund policy?
Park and Recreation has a no refund policy. Any questions about refunds must be submitted in writing to the Park and Recreation Director. What if I determine that I will be unable to use my badge after I have purchased it? Please email Park and Recreation Director Patty Carey.

What are the full benefits of a pool membership? 
A pool membership grants you unlimited access to the Pools at Rosemary Recreation Complex over the course of one season. You may enter and leave as you wish. A family membership includes any person in your immediate family, living in your household.

Will the pool membership include swim lessons for my child? 
Please check our website later in the spring to find out more information on this topic.

Where can I purchase a pool membership? 
You can purchase a pool membership either online, in person at our office at 178 Rosemary Street, or through mail by submitting a pool membership registration form and the appropriate payment to the Park and Recreation office.

What are the hours of the facility?
See the hours chart.

Where do I park? Is there a parking fee?
Parking is located in the lower lot next to the Rosemary Recreation Complex or in the upper lot next to the driveway entrance. In the event that both of these parking lots are full, overflow parking can be found at Memorial Field and Chamber's Cove. Please do not park on the driveway, at Needham Public Library, at the Rosemary Office Park, or along Rosemary Street. There is no fee associated with regular parking or with overflow parking.

Can I reserve the pool for private events like birthday parties?
Any groups interested in holding a function while the pool is open must email the Park and Recreation office

Can I bring any pets into the facility?
No. The only animals allowed inside are service animals. 

What food is offered at the facility?
There are vending machines opposite the booth, and the booth also sells ice cream treats. 

Can I smoke in the facility?
There is no smoking of any kind on the premises

Can I bring my own food into the facility? 
Yes. However, no alcoholic beverages are permitted within the facility.

Can I have food delivered to the facility?
Yes, food can be delivered to the facility but the delivery person must be met near the booth. A book of restaurant information can be located at the booth. 

What are the age restrictions at the facility?
Any patron under the age of 2 enters for free. All those under 10 must be accompanied by an adult (18+). 

Can I bring guests to the pool? 
Yes, guest passes can be purchased at the Park and Recreation office prior to the pool opening or at the booth during the season.

Can I bring in outside toys and equipment into the pool?
No, only approved Park and Recreation equipment is allowed inside the pool. This includes any and all flotation devices. 

Can I purchase swim diapers at the facility? 
Yes, swim diapers can be purchased at the booth for $1. 

Are there any locks for the lockers in the pool changing rooms? 
No. Locks are not provided. All locks must be removed by the end of the day. 

What is the "Deep Water Test"? How does it work? 
The Deep Water Test determines if a swimmer under 18 is capable of swimming in deep water, recovering, and exiting the pool. This test must be taken yearly by all those under age 18. Any person who passes the Deep Water Test does not need to take the Slide Test.

Parts of the Deep Water Test: Jump feet first into the deep end of the lap pool near the diving board. Recover and tread water for 30 seconds. Head must remain out of water. Recover and float on back for 30 seconds. Mouth and nose must remain out of water and stomach should be at or near surface of water. Recover and swim 25 yards to the shallow end of the pool using the front crawl or breast stroke. Underwater swimming is not permitted.

Can I use the slides? What is the Slide Test? 
Any patron over the age of 18 can use the slides without restriction. All those under 18 must pass the Slide Test and/or the Deep Water Test. The Slide Test is intended to test the swimmer's ability to enter water, recover and exit the water safely. This test must be taken annually. 

Are there lifeguards at the pool? 
There are lifeguards on duty any time the pool is open. Swimming is not allowed without lifeguard supervision. 

Do I need to supervise my child while at the pool? 
Lifeguards will be watching to ensure the safety of all patrons while swimming. All adults that are accompanying children should be keeping a close eye on them to ensure that they behave properly and are not disturbing other patrons. 

Are there any hiring opportunities at the pools this summer? 
Park and Recreation has many hiring opportunities. Please see all of our information on employment. 

What happens if there is thunder/lightning? 
If there is any thunder or lightning, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes without exception. This 30 minute timer will be on every instance of additional thunder and lightning. 

What happens if it rains? 
The pools remain open while it rains. They will only close in the event of thunder or lightning. 

What is the Spray Deck? Where is the Spray Deck? When is the Spray Deck open? 
The Spray Deck is a flat surface that offers small water features such as vertical water jets. The spray deck can be found behind the slides. See the pool hours for Spray Deck availability. 

Do I need to bring my own chair if I just want to sit down near the pools? 
There are chairs and benches available for seating throughout the pool facility. However, if you would like to bring your own chair, you are more than welcome to. 

Do I need to shower before entering the pool? 
All patrons must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. Indoor showers can be found in the locker rooms. Outdoor showers can be found just outside the locker rooms and near the diving board. 

Is the water saltwater? Is it chlorinated? 
The water is chlorinated and filtered throughout the day. 

Is the pool heated?
The pools are not heated. However, a heat blanket will be placed over the competitive pool at night to keep some of the warmth in the pool for early morning swimming.