Monthly Themed Websites for Kids- March Forward into Spring

picture of a pink and white flower growing through the snow

Coronavirus and kids
Myth Busters: Typical questions and answers regarding the coronavirus. 
A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus: Kids this comic is for you!

Read Across America Day: March 2nd
This day is to celebrate the joys of reading and helps to bring awareness to the
  importance of reading. It is also Dr. Seuss's Birthday!
Check the library for some fun things to do! Hats off to you, Dr. Seuss!

Daylight Savings Day: March 8th
Learn about Spring Forward and the history behind daylight savings here

Holi: March 9-10

Learn more about this colorful spring festival with  National Geographic.

Pi Day: March 14th
Did you know that Pi is a number that never really ends?
Get ready for Pi day with fun facts and information here.

St. Patrick's Day: March 17th
Don't forget the green! Get the scoop about this holiday from PBS and
National Geographic.

Spring Equinox: March 20th

The first official day of spring and one of the few days where we have equal daylight and
darkness. Now the days will start to get lighter and the nights shorter! Here is a list of
some fun ways to celebrate spring for both kids and grownups.

Want to try out these fun activities from Ready, Set, Go Outside from Mass Audubon.
  Winter Trees: learn how to identify trees without their leaves!
  Spring Peepers: learn about this ting frog with a big voice!