Municipal Lien Certificates

Mass General Law Chapter 60, Section 23

The collector of taxes for any city, or for any town having more than five thousand inhabitants, as determined by the last preceding national or state census, shall, on written application by any person, and within 10 days thereafter, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays furnish to such applicant a certificate of all taxes and other assessments, including water rates and charges and other charges due.

The Treasurer's Office upon written request, including a self-addressed, stamped envelope and payment of the fee, will provide a Municipal Lien Certificate for properties located within the town.

Municipal Lien Certificate Fee Schedule

Certificate TypeFee
Land, Single, Two and Three Family$25
Farm and Forest Land$50
Other Undeveloped (vacant) Land of an Acre or More$50
Land with Four or more Family Residences$100
Commercial, Industrial or Utility$150

Obtaining a Certificate

Send a written request for a Municipal Lien Certificate that identifies the name of the property owner, property address (and parcel number if known) with an enclosed self-addressed postage paid return envelope and a check made payable to the Town of Needham in the amount of the required fee to:
Needham Tax Collector's Office
Needham Town Hall
1471 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA 02492