Open Building Permits

Why do I need to close out my permits?

An open building permit can be a major inconvenience for several reasons. When a homeowner goes to sell their house, an open permit can hold up the closing date. In addition, if you buy a property with open permits, regardless of the date on the permit, you are responsible for closing out the permits. This could become a financial burden if there is a code or zoning issue that needs to be corrected. If you buy a property with Building Code or Zoning violation, you potentially own them as well. Buyer Beware! Please consult with your closing attorney. The certificate of occupancy (or certificate of completion) is generated after a final building inspection has been scheduled and successfully completed.
Please plan ahead.

How do I make sure that my contractor closes out my permit?

It is strongly recommended to include in your contract that proof of all permits associated with your project are closed out before final payment is made.

Can a future permit not be issued due to existing open permits?

The answer is yes. The Building Department has the right to not issue future permits to properties that have outstanding Building Code or Zoning violations. We will work with you on closing out open permits so please communicate with us.

How do I find out if I have open permits?

To review the file jacket of your property or potential property, you may visit the Building Department at 500 Dedham Avenue, Needham between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. A staff member will assist you. There is a photocopy charge for all documents.